Life is good for Jenna Bianchi. She has a teaching job she loves, a pet parrot with attitude, and a handsome colleague who wants to be more than just friends. But everything changes when a defiant 10th grader walks into her classroom. With a smart mouth and a swagger to match, Michael Tayler's record screams "Troublemaker," and Jenna wonders if the new school year is already doomed. But when she reads his first poetry assignment, she recognizes it as a cry for help. Michael's presence sets into motion a chain of events that turns Jenna's perfect life upside-down and threatens to destroy her career. Faced with a challenge like nothing she's ever known, Jenna commits to doing what no one has done for Michael Tayler before.

When 10-year-old Jacqueline Falna hears her mother's scream, she has no way of knowing that the axis of her world is about to tilt. Her father's plane has been shot down by German fighters. In the midst of poverty, food shortages, air raids, and the grinding hardship of daily life under Nazi rule, she forms an unlikely alliance with David Bergier, a 12-year-old Jewish neighbor. When Rennes is liberated, Jacqueline meets an American soldier and becomes convinced that he has been sent to reunite her with her father. Based on the true story of a WWII veteran, Jacqueline is a tale of faith, family, unusual friendships and the resiliency of the human spirit with the drama of fiction and the authenticity of personal history.

AAn unforgettable journey into the world of ADHD

A coming-of-age story set in Nazi-occupied France during the Holocaust